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As The Deer Longs For Running Streams (Psalm 42:2)

It was a hot day for April, but it wasn’t the weather that was killing me. I was laying on the infield beside the track after running a brutal workout—laying because my legs wouldn’t hold me up anymore. I was too destroyed to care how beet-red in the face I looked. This high school […]

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Introducing Blaze!

[…] currency was not going to be her looks- it would be her sense of humor. What did she mean by currency? It's whatever gains us entrance into the room and allows us to stay there. It's like our ticket at the door- that thing that sets us apart and makes us acceptable. For some […]

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For Your Weekend: An Encounter With Jesus

[…] this Sunday’s gospel reading, John the Baptist sees Jesus approaching when he proclaims that Jesus is “the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29), the very words spoken at Catholic Mass during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. In this passage, John reminds his followers that he is an […]

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Getting Uncomfortable and Drawing Bigger Circles

Six years ago, I heard Lisa Brenninkmeyer preach on Loving People To Christ.  Since that day, I have gone back to view the video of this talk at least ten times. And there is one line that always gets me. It's the kind of line you hear that cracks you up and has you […]

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Straightening Teeth and Priorities, and Patience in the Process

[…] things. 1. Wear braces. 2. Wear the Herbst Appliance. What is the Herbst Appliance you ask? Well, imagine every piece of metal and hardware in the entire world, and then put it all in my fifteen-year-old's mouth. Because there is so much metal involved, the doctor suggested Annie do braces first, then once removed, […]

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For Your Weekend: In the beginning…

Dig Deeper into Sunday’s Gospel: Read John 1:1–18 Brea the in: You are here with me, God. Breathe out: And I am here with You. I think we all need this little 10-second break to take a breath and come into the awareness and presence of Emmanuel, “God with us.” Amidst the hustle and […]

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Teen Dishonesty and Washing the Inside of the Cup

[…] delicious toddler accompanied his mom that day, and when an 18-month-old is clutching your legs and grinning up at you, he just cannot be ignored!) The good news is that the pages in the study guide reinforce what I may have missed in the video, and Lesson 18 made me rethink everything. “Behavior is […]

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Give God the First Five Minutes

What does it mean to live the good life? How can I be happy? What choices will get me there? How we answer these questions has everything to do with the voices we choose to listen to. A life is formed through many small, seemingly insignificant decisions. Bit by bit, we become the result […]

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Lessons On The Heart From Unexpected Places

Do you remember Linus, Charlie Brown’s best friend from the Peanuts comic? He was the one who carried his blanket everywhere. Well, I have a “Linus” in my own house—my youngest son. His blanket is named “BearBear,” and he goes everywhere with us. I mean everywhere. He attended ski school this past winter, nicely […]

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Throw on Your Leather Pants and Embrace Your Identity as a Warrior

[…] kind of warrior self-image in which you're donning head-to-toe black leather with a Cat Woman-like mask and an unstoppable look on your face which declares to the world that you are ready to take on anything and everything? If you've never imagined yourself like this, give it a try. I promise, you will instantly […]

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