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For Your Weekend: Above and Beyond

[…] capable of transcending our feelings. That kind of love can bring even the most hardened heart to God because it is that kind of love that the world does not expect.  Anne Marie Schmidt, a Holocaust survivor, showed us what it looks like to live according to the Spirit and practice unending mercy, radical […]

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Fight For Joy

[…] sounded to her like I was treading water while trying to keep a bunch of balls in the air, which sounds pretty much impossible. That description wasn't news to me. It didn't feel particularly insightful, just observant. But then she went on to say something that really stopped me in my tracks. “I think […]

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For Your Weekend: Relentless Pursuit of Understanding It All

[…] then wait for the wrecking ball. Jesus’ disciples know what I am talking about. Moments before Jesus was arrested, things were good. He was teaching them everything: breaking bread with them, washing their feet, praying for them. He was the Messiah they had been waiting for. And then, the wrecking ball. Jesus is not […]

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Do Not Despise The Day Of Small Things

[…] It says that our Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward us. Jesus lauded the generosity of the widow’s mite—a tiny financial donation by worldly standards (Mark 12:41–44). And Jesus modeled and encouraged taking time to be with children (Matthew 19:13–15). Yet I must admit, I often have trouble sharing God’s […]

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You Don't Have To Go It Alone

“How can you all have so much joy when you are going through something so painful?” That's the question the new face at my support group asked last night. Followed by, “I want what you all have!” As I have mentioned before, this group I attend is not faith-based. Of course, if I were […]

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Why Be Intentional About How to Go Forward When There's No Going Back

[…] keep thinking about time. How it moves too quickly, and often what feels like too slowly, and how it is the one thing that everybody in the world gets equal amounts of. At least in a day. 24 hours. We all get it. Now, what we choose to do with it, is another story. […]

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Quit Hustling and Find the True Source of Peace (Part 2)

Dear friend, Are you feeling the hassle of the hustle while you long for a little rest? Even though it's summertime, do you still feel busyness and pressure? I get it, and blogged about something we can do to QUIT HUSTLING AND FIND PEACE in my last post. In it, we were challenged to […]

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Why We're So Messed Up

[…] or delayed. When that day comes, we're going to want to be sure that we've spent our lives preparing well. In contrast to the messages of the world, God says: “I am the author of your story.” “Know this one great truth, I am in control of your life.” “Live for me. Believe in […]

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Small Miracles on the Other Side of Comfort

[…] through perseverance.” The Lord multiplies our generosity and creates miracles through our perseverance. Too often, the comfort we choose is the barrier to His movement in the world. I am always asking God to use my life for His glory, but when the rubber hits the road, I choose to stay comfortable. I make […]

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Begin Again

He chose to be Judas. No one chooses to be Judas! Except my son did. He was asked to play the role of Jesus in his school’s Passion play—a role that, historically, is offered to a student who teachers feel demonstrates the values of the school’s patron, St. Joseph: humility, compassion, and self-respect. (Insert […]

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