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Is there actual walking in Walking with Purpose (WWP)?
No. There is no walking involved, other than your “daily walking with the Lord.” Depending where you choose to study (privately at home or within a parish group program), you, my sweet sister, will be sitting. With purpose, of course.
I have never opened the Bible. Should I learn more before diving in?
WWP is a Catholic Bible study experience that meets each woman exactly where she is. What sets us apart from other Catholic studies is our focus on the heart, taking the information learned each week and translating it into personal action. No previous Bible study experience is necessary to dive into a WWP study.
I'm doing the study with a few friends, and have never led a small group before. Can you offer me any tools or guides?
I am interested in starting a WWP program at my parish. Where do I begin?
What materials will I need?
The study guide (purchased from the WWP online store) and a Catholic Bible are all that you need. The recommended Bible translations to use for a WWP study are the New American Bible (NAB) Revised Edition or the The Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition.
Where can I purchase WWP study materials?
Bible studies can be purchased from the WWP online store, whether you are doing the study on your own or are registered for a parish program.
I haven't practiced my faith or attended Mass in quite a while. Is WWP right for me?
I prefer to connect with my faith and other women of faith online. Does WWP have an online community?
In what order should I go through the WWP studies?
We strongly recommend you begin with Opening Your Heart, our foundational Bible study, regardless of past Bible study experience. Designed for women new to WWP as well as those experienced in Bible study, this study enables all women to dive into the fundamental questions of our Catholic faith and our relationship with Jesus. From there, you can choose from other WWP studies. Want more information? Take a look at our Bible studies page.
I am not sure if I will prefer to do a WWP study independently or as a participant in a parish program. May I try a parish program session first before I register?
How can I find out about an existing WWP parish program?
Easy! For questions and information about local Walking with Purpose parish programs in your area, please go to the Find a Parish lookup. You will find contact information for each local parish program.
How do I enroll in a WWP parish program?
To enroll, click Parish Lookup to search for a group. Once you have found the group closest to you, click the parish name. On the parish program information page, you will find a contact name and email, as well as meeting days and which Bible study is being offered.
How much does it cost to participate in a WWP parish program?
There is no “set cost” for WWP. Parishes set the price of registration fees individually, based on materials, refreshments, possible childcare, and other operational costs. Feel free to contact a parish program near you to find out the current year's registration fee. You will find that the program registration fee usually works out to just a few dollars per session.
Is it okay if I miss a week?
Sickness, work, and life happen. We all miss a lesson here and there. Just be sure to get back to your group as soon as you can. Not only is consistency important, but also your group will miss you!
Twenty-two weeks is a long time! I am not sure I can convince the women of my parish to make such a big commitment. Can I split the course in half?
The courses have been written carefully with a specific flow, each week's lesson building upon the previous lesson. We have learned from past experience that splitting the course in half causes a great loss of consistency and excitement. We highly encourage you to continue the study as intended.

Twenty-two weeks sounds long, but ask any woman currently participating in a WWP program and she will tell you, “It is not long enough!” Most women continue to meet weekly on their own when the twenty-two weeks are finished, because they miss the weekly routine. Take it one week at a time! Give yourself this gift. We promise you, WWP is not going to be one more thing on your plate. WWP is the plate that allows everything else to be carried with grace and with strength that we couldn't have had otherwise.

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