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Join the Walking with Purpose community of leadership donors
Named in honor of our ministry's patron saint, the Walking with Purpose St. Therese Society recognizes the leadership level contributions of supporters who make gifts totaling $1,000 or more in the fiscal year (May 1-April 30). Your generous donation is an investment in our ministry’s growth, enabling us to expand to new locations and reach more of our sisters in Christ each year. We invite you to join our St. Therese Society.

Why become a member of the St. Therese Society?

  • I have been involved with WWP for over eight years and have helped lead a small group in a WWP parish program. The mission of WWP to help women open their hearts to Jesus Christ through scripture is such an important one, and I’ve seen lives changed by the studies and small group discussion. I want to continue to support the ministry’s mission so it continues to grow in parishes everywhere.

    Marsha, St. Therese Society member since 2013
  • It is an honor to join all the St. Therese Society members in support of Walking with Purpose. It is a blessing to know that our contributions help, in some small way, to bring joy to the next woman entering her parish in search of that “one thing”—to bring God a little closer, to make her life a little brighter, and to encourage her to hold her hand out in faith to others.

    Lisa, St. Therese Society member since 2013
  • Over a dozen years ago, WWP introduced me to scripture in an entirely new way...I was “hooked” almost immediately! My spiritual life continues to deepen and has carried me through some very difficult moments - right up until the present! The program and the women I have met have deeply enriched my life, and I will continue to support the ministry’s beautiful mission.

    Barbara, St. Therese Society member since 2014
  • WWP has given me a real relationship with the Lord. It has truly transformed my life, and more importantly, my heart. I am proud to be a St. Therese Society member because I want ALL women to have the chance to experience this same joy, peace, and self-acceptance that comes from a deeper relationship with Christ.

    Lisa, St. Therese Society member since 2017
  • WWP has impacted and changed our entire family, our faith, and each family member’s relationship with Jesus. When my husband and I discussed where to give money, we realized that there is nothing more important than the peace that comes from knowing Christ, which seems even more needed in these tumultuous times.

    Laura and Patrick, St. Therese Society members since 2019

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