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Parish Groups

Would you like to find a parish near you that offers Walking with Purpose? Click Find a Parish Program below and we’ll get you connected. WWP parish programs allow you to grow in your faith in the context of community and helps your local Church feel more like home.

Virtual Groups

Would you like to take part in a Walking with Purpose group but there isn’t one near you? Is it hard for you to attend gatherings outside your home? Would you love to connect with other like-minded women but aren’t sure where to begin? We are here for you! We’re opening the door to welcome you into an online community where you can be placed in a small group that meets virtually. One of our WWP coaches will run alongside your group for a couple of sessions, guiding you through the materials and technology. You'll get the swing of things in no time!

Virtual Groups

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Home Groups

While most women in Walking with Purpose meet in parishes, many choose to meet independently in homes, schools and other gathering places. These are private groups so we can’t connect you to them, but know that however you choose to experience WWP, we are here for you with tools and training to enhance your small group discussions.

What a great favor God
does to those He places in the
company of good people!

St. Teresa of Avila
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