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Walking with Purpose developed the Sisters of Strength high school mentoring program to bridge the gap between the truths God reveals to us through Scripture and a teen girl’s ability to receive those truths in a way that feels relevant. As the girls are introduced to the Bible in relevant and fresh ways, they’ll grow in their ability to make good friends, recognize who they are in Christ, and discover God’s purpose for their lives.
The Sisters of Strength leader's guide provides resources to lead high school girls to a deeper relationship with Christ.
A journal to foster a stronger bond and connection between the girls and Christ.
This standalone book is a beautiful invitation to high school girls who are searching for the answers to life’s biggest questions.

Sisters of Strength Ministry FAQs

What is Sisters of Strength?
Sisters of Strength is the WWP ministry that endeavors to help reach the hearts of high school girls by meeting them where they are, developing meaningful relationships with them, and leading them to an encounter with the love of Christ and the truths of our Catholic faith.
Has Sisters of Strength received an imprimatur and why does this matter?
Sisters of Strength: A Catholic Mentoring Program for High School Girls was granted the imprimatur through Bishop Frank J. Caggiano of Bridgeport, Connecticut. This means that you can trust what's in the pages—it's been vetted to make sure it's consistent with Catholic teaching.
What exactly does Sisters of Strength teach girls?
Ultimately, Sisters of Strength teaches high school girls that they are beloved daughters of God. This is achieved through a beautiful progression in the curriculum. It begins with friendship, because that is what we have found the girls are most concerned about. Then Sisters of Strength teaches the girls about their identity. The goal is for the girls to see themselves through the eyes of God and enter into a relationship with Him. The final section is on purpose and God’s plan for His daughters.
What are the curriculum objectives for Sisters of Strength?
The curriculum objectives are the following:
•  Address the questions the girls are actually asking.
•  Give them a safe space to explore their faith, ask questions, and speak freely without feeling like other girls are judging them.
•  Create a community where girls can learn how to experience authentic friendship.
•  Teach the girls who they are: beloved daughters of God.
•  Identify holes in the girls’ spiritual foundation and fill them so they are equipped for a life outside a Catholic setting.

What is the structure of Sisters of Strength?
You’ll begin each lesson with an icebreaker question that welcomes the girls and warms up the conversation. After the icebreaker, you should teach the lesson. The lesson is followed by journaling time in the Sisters of Strength Journal, which in turn is followed by small group discussion. The digging deeper portion of the lesson gives the girls an opportunity to begin to study the Bible in a simple way. The final portion of your time together should be spent in prayer partner time, which is an opportunity for the girls to pray with and for each other.
How long is a Sisters of Strength lesson?
Each lesson has been designed to be completed in one hour, making it an ideal offering before or after school. However, there are many ways the lessons of Sisters of Strength can be used. Another option is offering Sisters of Strength during school lunch. This would require splitting each lesson in half, taking two weeks for each. The lessons have suggested timing for each section to help you see how you can adapt the material and keep things on track.
Who should lead Sisters of Strength?
You have a key role to play in the next generation’s story of redemption. The good news is that it does not depend on you having a specialized degree. So, what is needed? What is required?
1.  You need to care about the hearts of these girls and their eternal destiny.
2.  You need to have faith and believe that God can do the impossible.
3.  You need to be willing to do hard things and keep at it even when it isn’t fun anymore. Especially when it isn’t fun anymore.
Do you love God? Do you love these girls? Then you’ve got what it takes.
How can/should a parent help?
There are many ways a parent can help with Sisters of Strength. He or she can be a liaison with school or church staff to introduce the program, lead the group each week, or help with setup and cleanup.
How many girls can participate in Sisters of Strength?
Sisters of Strength can be used with any number of girls. It can be used with a single girl or 50 (or more)! Of course, as your Sisters of Strength program grows, you may want to consider adding adult leaders.
Can girls in different grades be in the same Sisters of Strength group?
The Sisters of Strength program has been developed in such a way that they apply equally to different grades. There is no need to separate the girls by grade, although you are welcome to do so if that is your preference.
What other Sisters of Strength products are there?
Sisters of Strength is comprised of three components:
•  Sisters of Strength: A Catholic Mentoring Program for High School Girls—The comprehensive, 24-lesson guide is the ideal resource for women to lead high school girls to a deeper relationship with Christ.
•  Sisters of Strength Journal—Every girl participating in the program needs one. It is designed to complement and accompany the lessons, while simultaneously fostering a stronger bond and connection between the girl and Christ.
•  Sisters of Strength: Exploring Identity, Friendship, and Purpose—This standalone book is a beautiful invitation to high school girls who are searching for the answers to life’s biggest questions.

Is there a corresponding program for boys?
Walking with Purpose is dedicated to providing materials to enable women and girls to know Christ personally through Scripture. We do not offer programs for men or boys.
What materials can I share with my pastor/principal?

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