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Two Simple Ways To Overcome Your Impossible Obstacles

[…] this fountain of grace.  On this memorial of Saint John Vianney, patron saint of priests, I am so grateful for the good and holy priests in this world who stand in the person of Christ and offer us all that we need: the hope, peace, strength, remedy, and redemption we long for. Let us […]

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We Are Not The Spacklers

[…] just doing our job.  But it is not our job. It is God’s job. And last time I checked, he wasn’t looking to retire. In the secular world, we call this enabling. It is excusing, justifying, ignoring, denying, or smoothing over a behavior. Not because we support or condone it, but because we are […]

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Forks Up or Forks Down?

[…] created and say, “Meh, it’s fine”? NO! That is not what happened, my friend!  God did not create you, the only YOU that will ever grace this world, just so that you can be fine! God did not create you to check boxes, make never-ending lists, and just get through life. “I came that […]

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Introducing Our Newest Young Adult Bible Studies

[…] over 14,000 college students expected. Each part of this new series speaks to the heart of a busy young adult woman struggling to find balance in a world pulling her in a thousand different directions. I would have done anything to have had these Bible studies when I was in college.   In the […]

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Everyone Worships Something

[…] have the highest value. Our eyes constantly are fed airbrushed images of celebrities that tempt us to think that nothing is more important than outward appearance. The news cycle would lead us to believe that the well-being of our nation isn't dependent on our morality; it's measured by the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P.  We […]

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The Millennials' Search for Happiness

[…] has, unfortunately, been taught to and embraced by many of our children. Yes, the difficulty of reconciling a good God and the suffering and evil in the world can create a barrier. Yes, many of them have been convinced that faith in God is just a crutch. All these things get in the way […]

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What if He Is Already Pleased With You?

[…] I love that they hung on someone’s wall going back to the early 1900s. I love how they remind me that the Catholic Church spans across the world and throughout history. And I like to look into Jesus and Mary’s eyes as I go about my day—except when I am working out. With four […]

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Costly Compromise and Dancing with the Gray Zone

[…] often I convince myself that if I only compromise once in a while it's not such a big deal. Surely there are more extreme evils in the world than this. I figure God must understand. And I am right.   God does understand. But understanding is not the same as approving. And He more […]

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From Joy If to Joy Even If

[…] high-risk pregnancy, infertility, employment issues, anxiety, family issues, and worries about the future, you are dealing with it all. Ladies, you are amazing. You carry a broken world on your back, and so often, you do it with unbelievable strength. When I pray for you, I pray that you can hold onto your joy […]

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4 Steps for Your Best Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be the best of times or the worst of times. As was said on the iconic '90s sitcom, Friends, “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little emotional scarring.” Hopefully that won’t be your experience, but when you throw family together with issues simmering under the surface, add a little pressure around what […]

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