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Overcoming Uncertainty with The Virtues of Mary

[…] else's life, but not our own? It is easy for me to recognize God's hand in your life... in your misery... in your tragic circumstance, but when the storm hits my own house, I question and doubt. I begin to wonder if my Catholic faith really is crazy and the saints are all just […]

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It Became All About Him

[…] along with my daughter turning 13. I was a teenage girl once, so I sort of knew what to expect. I was familiar with teenage mood swings, the temper tantrums, the eye rolls, and sarcastic tones; however, I was completely unprepared for her direct arrows of anger that, quite frankly, left me emotionally LEVELED.  […]

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The Fatherness Of God

[…] our behaviors begin to align with His will for us. If we are busy delighting in Him as daughters, we are distracted from the trappings of the world and protected from those who would seek to turn us away from Him. Scripture is abound with passages that speak of what we receive when we […]

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Are We Sharing Faith With Others?

[…] hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence.”        1 Peter 3:15-16 We all have people in our lives that we'd love to see experiencing the love of God in a dynamic, transforming way. It might be someone who has lost all hope, sees no way anything will ever change, and is […]

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Here in the Nothingness

[…] of my novena, I received a call at 2:00 AM. If you’ve ever received a call at 2:00 AM, you know that rarely is it ever good news. And do you want to know what the very first thing was that came to mind? “It is day 27. The asking is over.” Just a […]

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For Your Weekend: The Lie of Temptation and the Freedom to Fail

[…] into the enemy’s trap; we can master it. As God’s daughters, we can overcome and have authority over sin. (See? I told you there was hope!) Good news, for sure, yet the million-dollar question remains: why would God lead us into temptation? Why would He allow us potential harm? Wouldn’t a good parent protect […]

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He Leads With Grace When He Offers Second Chances

[…] we're younger and faster,” and she responded by repeatedly hitting their parked car, saying, “Face it girls, I'm older and I have more insurance.” In my little world, we were saved from an accident because the car mercifully indicated an upcoming left turn when I needed to turn right. Glory hallelujah. The day had […]

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Lean Into Other Generations

[…] that has been hardened by unkind years. In you, older women see hope. They see that life might not be as bad as it looks on the news. Your energy is contagious, and your stories may bring up fond memories for them. When you reach out to a woman who is older, you may […]

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The Elf on the Shelf is Stressing My Spirit. You Too?

[…] fact that He doesn't just see me in the parking lot. His view is higher, and includes a young African girl on the other side of the world. We're both walking, but she's up when it's still dark, afraid as she makes her daily trek to a well to get fresh water. And it […]

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Blank Canvases, Peeling Off Paint, and Rooting Up All That Gets In His Way

[…] what I have discovered is that with the hideous chore of packing lunches removed, I actually have more prayer time than ever. This, my friends, is great news… unless you are a recovering perfectionist and overachiever like me. Because once I realized how much more time I was gifted with, do you want to […]

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