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Which Side Are You On?

[…] the message whispered into our ears constantly was Jesus saves...Come closer...Arm yourself with the rosary? What if we followed Christ as closely as we followed the latest news and statistics? What if we shared our faith on social media more than we shared the latest political meme? What if, in times of looming disaster, […]

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Count on Christ in You to Bring the Change

[…] God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made.” Jesus, the Word of the Father, the Word of God, made the world—everything and everyone in it. Man was given a nature full of grace, immortality, and a paradise to live in. But we know the story. Man threw […]

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Starting Fires

[…] was reminded of the final Connect Coffee Talk in Opening Your Heart, the most tried and true Walking with Purpose Bible study. Titled Outside Activities: Set the World on Fire, women completing this study are encouraged to recognize the battle and stoke the fire by going out into the world and doing something. Something […]

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True Self-Care

[…] offers the following solution: We do not need more selfless women. What we need right now is more women who have detoxed themselves so completely from the world’s expectations that they are full of nothing but themselves. What we need are women who are full of themselves. A woman who is full of herself […]

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The Problem With Our Need For Enough

[…] the stars we steal from the night sky Will never be enough Never be enough Towers of gold are still too little These hands could hold the world but it'll Never be enough Never be enough For me This song reminds me of a lesson in Touching The Divine, my favorite Walking With Purpose […]

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The Devil Wears More Than Prada

[…] experiences of spiritual warfare, temptation, and how I literally stood before the fire of hell, but honestly, do I have to? Just look around. Turn on the news. Scroll through Facebook. Get on Twitter. The world has gone mad. The darkness is everywhere.  But here is the good news. In his solemn charge to […]

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Brokenhearted over Abuse Scandal

My heart has been so heavy. What started as a normal day was sideswiped by news that was not new, but nevertheless dredged up feelings of deep sadness. When the latest New York Times article broke chronicling sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, I don't think any of us were surprised that more has […]

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The True Beauty Of A Home

[…] unrepeatable person, imbued with dignity. When family members see themselves in this way, they are better able to fulfill their mission of being “the light of the world” (Matthew 5:14). A Catholic family has a mission to spread the warmth, hope, and peace of Christ into the communities that they are a part of. […]

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The Hunger Around Us

[…] captivated by Elizabeth and potato peel pie. Are you like Elizabeth? Do you sense the hunger around you? Do you recognize the needs of others?  As our world (and let’s be honest, our Church, too) grows more divided, angrier, and motivated by fear, are you able to see through the feelings and emotion and […]

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Joy Takes Courage

[…] turned three. If you don’t already know this, it’s because you don’t live in my town. She told the whole town. And whoever may have missed the news undoubtedly heard it from her older sister, Penny, who was also shouting it from the rooftops. My three-year-old basked in the joy of her birthday all […]

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