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What is Walking with Purpose?

Walking with Purpose is on mission to help all Catholic women and girls encounter Jesus Christ personally by teaching them to read Scripture and apply it to their everyday lives through Bible study. This encounter is accelerated when it is experienced in small group communities.
Our Bible studies reach you at whatever point you are in your journey. Maybe you are wrestling with core questions about the faith. Maybe you desire to experience healing and wholeness. Or maybe you just want to know how to balance it all. We have a study for these topics and everything in between.
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Would you like to find a small group community to journey through a Walking with Purpose Bible study? We'd love to get you connected! Find a WWP parish program, virtual group, or home group community, allow your faith to blossom, and help your local church feel more like home.

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What are women saying?

Pink Circle Quote
WWP has provided a wonderful opportunity for me to step out as a "missionary disciple" in my church...I have been privileged to witness the incredible faith-sharing of eight women, and as we advance through the Opening Your Heart lessons, our trust and friendship grow even deeper. This study has helped me to incorporate the richness of Scripture into my everyday life and I recommend it to all women, regardless of where they are in their faith journey.
– Christine A., Small Group Leader at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Jacksonville, FL
Green Circle Quote
My journey with Jesus has become richer because I went through the Opening Your Heart study! I was encouraged, convicted, challenged, and grew in my knowledge of the Bible. I loved learning about what the Eucharist means and the importance of repentance. The spiritual realm is the land of reality and entering that realm through this study—where Jesus is King—has helped me bring His kingdom here! I am so excited to see where my journey with Him goes.
– Audrey A., Independent Small Group Study Participant
Pink Circle Quote
Opening Your Heart and the group of women in our parish were exactly what I needed at that point in my life. I immediately felt a bond with them and was not ashamed to share details of my life.
– Bethany F., Small Group Leader at Ss. Robert & William Catholic Parish in Euclid, Ohio
Green Circle Quote
We came together and launched Opening Your Heart at our church and have witnessed the many fruits it has produced. With so many of life's demands dropping their heavy weights on our shoulders, spending a few hours with a cup of coffee, faith-filled women, and Jesus chat is a welcomed weekly pause.
– Suzanne B., Christ the King Church, Old Lyme, CT

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