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Studies for Adult Women

Start here! Discover a personal relationship with Jesus and increase your trust in His unconditional love.
Discover your true worth and purpose while growing in ability to see your life from God’s perspective.
Experience a release of pressure and an increase of insight into what really matters in life.
Receive a fresh anointing of faith as you come to know Jesus more fully through the Gospel of John.
Become well-armed to deal with un- wanted circumstances and deferred hopes.
Experience greater victory in your personal life as you recognize the greatness and power of God.
Receive an increase of trust in God as you see His plan unfold throughout biblical history.
Emerge with a life-changing depth of freedom and healing.
Experience a growth in grit and grace to help you run your race.
Discover God’s plan for friendship and learn how to cultivate true, deep relationships that last.
Discover how to build a life you don't want to escape by putting the most important things first.
Let Christ reveal Himself to you as He truly is through this study on the book of Colossians.
Become a true, dynamic disciple of Jesus Christ.

Studies for Young Adult Women

Beloved: Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series, Part I, is a six-lesson Bible study that invites you to lay a strong foundation for your true identity as beloved daughters of God.
Unshaken: Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series, Part II, is a six-lesson Bible study that invites you to fill your spiritual toolbox with exactly what you need to grow stronger in our faith.
Steadfast: Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series, Part III, is a six-lesson Bible study that helps you conquer your fears, and rest in the unknown instead of being paralyzed by confusion.
Harmony: Keeping in Balance Young Adult Series, Part I, is a five-lesson Bible study that helps you get a grip on your life by looking at the importance of authenticity, setting priorities, managing expectations, and having healthy relationships.
Perspective: Keeping in Balance Young Adult Series, Part II, is a five-lesson Bible study that addresses how you can become more content, grow stronger in areas where you’ve failed a million times, and get moving when you feel like settling for the status quo.
Exhale: Keeping in Balance Young Adult Series, Part III, is a six-lesson Bible study that helps you establish a rhythm of rest, worship, and surrender.

Young Adult Ministry FAQs

In what order should I experience the young adult Bible studies?
We recommend the Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series: Beloved, Unshaken, and Steadfast; followed by the Keeping in Balance Young Adult Series: Harmony, Perspective, and Exhale.
Who is the young adult program written for?
At Walking with Purpose, we care about women at every stage of their development and believe the best way to keep women engaged with the Catholic faith is to never lose them in the first place. To that end, we created the Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series specifically for young women (ages 18-30) in high school, college, or just venturing out into the world. This version of our best-selling study effectively meets young women where they are and points them to a life of freedom in Christ.
Have the WWP young adult Bible series received the Imprimatur and why does this matter?
The young adult Bible series were granted the Imprimatur through Archbishop William Lori of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland. This means that you can trust what's in the pages—it's been vetted to make sure it's consistent with Catholic teaching.
How is the young adult Bible study meant to be used?
The Bible study can be used on your own, giving you great material for daily Scripture meditation and prayer. It also lends itself well to group discussion in the form of an independent group. We encourage you to gather your tribe—a handful of friends who want more out of their spiritual lives. Homeschool groups, church youth groups, as well as high school and college settings would be another great way to experience our young adult studies.
Do I need to purchase all three books in each series?
Each of our Opening Your Heart and Keeping in Balance young adult series are broken into three studies, each of which can stand alone, or all three can be completed in sequence. Each young adult study is 5 or 6 lessons.
If I choose to gather my tribe, what is the best number for a small group?
The ideal number for small group discussion is 8-12 women.
Who runs the young adult study?
There are options when it comes to running your young adult study. For the most part, the young adult study is peer run. If the study is offered in a youth group setting or college campus, there can be an appointed adult to oversee the program.
Does WWP offer any tools or leadership guides to the young woman who is willing to step up and lead, but has no leadership experience?
How is the WWP young adult program different from other Catholic Bible studies?
WWP aims to bring young women to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ by offering personal studies and small group discussions that link our everyday challenges and struggles with the solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Roman Catholic Church. We are not only about head knowledge, but also about heart transformation, by taking what we have learned and applying it to our daily lives. WWP studies do not teach women to Christ, they love them to Christ.
What Bible should I use with my young adult Bible study?
Walking with Purpose recommends the New American Bible (NAB) Revised Edition or the The Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition.
My young adult daughter has stopped attending Mass and has no interest in her faith. Would it be silly to gift her with this series?
Our young adult daughters are growing up in a very confusing world and society. Forgetting their true identity as daughters of Christ, they are hustling and white knuckling their way through life, trying to find purpose in what does not last. We need to point our precious daughters in a better direction—the only direction—that leads to a life of true love and freedom. Gift your daughter with our young adult series, and pray that God gives her the nudge to open the pages where she will discover the truth. The truth that God's love for her is so relentless and that she has been called to a life of purpose. You can give her no greater gift.

Studies for Tween/Teen Girls

BLAZE Masterpiece is a 20-lesson program that includes a Leader’s Guide for an adult leader and fun BLAZE Kits for girls.
BLAZE Belong is another 20-lesson program that you can do before or after Masterpiece (there’s no order to the two).
Discovering My Purpose is a six-lesson Bible study to help girls discern where God is calling them to be world-changers.
Between You and Me is a 40-day conversation guide and journal for mothers and daughters to experience together.

BLAZE Ministry FAQs

What is BLAZE?
BLAZE is the WWP ministry that offers resources to help reach the hearts of girls with the love of Christ and the truths of our Catholic faith.
What is BLAZE Core?
WWP offers two BLAZE Core 20-lesson programs: BLAZE Masterpiece and BLAZE Belong. Both BLAZE Core programs include a Leader's Guide and BLAZE Kits. There is no order to the two BLAZE Core programs, and you can begin with either.
What is in the BLAZE Kit?
The BLAZE Masterpiece Kit and the BLAZE Belong Kit include everything needed for one girl to participate in the BLAZE Masterpiece or Belong Core program. The kits are full of learning materials and fun take-home gifts! A full list of the Masterpiece Kit contents is here, and a list of the Belong Kit contents can be found here.
Has BLAZE received an Imprimatur?
The BLAZE Masterpiece Leader's Guide and the BLAZE Belong Leader's Guide were granted the Imprimatur through Archbishop William Lori of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland.
How many girls can participate in the BLAZE Core program?
The BLAZE Kit and Leader's Guide can be used with any number of girls. It can be used with a single girl or 50 (or more)! Of course, as your BLAZE program grows, you may want to consider adding adult leaders.
How many BLAZE Kits do I need?
While only one BLAZE Leader's Guide is needed, each girl who participates will need her own BLAZE Kit. So, if you are working with a single girl, you would need 1 Leaders Guide + 1 BLAZE Kit. If you are working with a group of 5 girls, you would need 1 Leader's Guide and 5 BLAZE Kits.
What exactly does BLAZE Core teach girls?
• That they are unconditionally loved by their heavenly Father
• How to differentiate between truth and lies
• How to base their worth on being children of God
• How to pray in their own words
• How to use the Bible as a tool for spiritual growth
• That the relationships fostered in the program provide an alternative to the unhealthy way our culture encourages teens to cope with challenges of their stage of life.
Who should lead a BLAZE Core program?
BLAZE Core can be led by any adult who wishes to mentor a tween/teen girl. It could be a teacher, student counselor, parent, relative, young adult, etc.
If using BLAZE Core in a school setting, how many leaders should be in each classroom?
We recommend a maximum ratio of 1 leader for 25 girls. If you have a group that is larger than that, we recommend enlisting another adult to help.
How can/should a parent help?
There are many ways a parent can help with a BLAZE Core group program. He or she can be a liaison with school or church staff to introduce the program, lead the group each week, or help with setup and cleanup.
Can girls in different grades be in the same BLAZE group?
The BLAZE Masterpiece Core program and the BLAZE Belong Core program have been developed in such a way that they apply equally to different grades. There is no need to separate the girls by grade, although you are welcome to do so if that is your preference.
Is it important for the BLAZE meeting NOT to feel like school/religious education?
Absolute, the environment matters. You want the girls to feel comfortable and free to express themselves, and to look forward to coming each week! Consider dimming the lights, providing blankets, using battery-operated candles, etc. The setting should be warm and inviting.
What other BLAZE products are there?
Our other BLAZE offerings may be used in addition to or separately from the BLAZE Core program. These other materials fall under the “Blaze More” umbrella and include:

Between You and Me is a 40-day conversation guide for mothers (or grandmothers, aunts, godmothers) and daughters (granddaughters, nieces, goddaughters) to read together. Each day compares a lie of our secular culture with the truth found in Scripture. The daily reflection, journaling opportunities, discussion questions, and prayer prompts will help take your relationship to a new level of honesty and intimacy.

Discovering My Purpose is a six-lesson Bible study designed for girls and can be used individually or in a group setting. This Bible study opens girls' eyes to their unique purpose, gifts, and God's love. It includes the BLAZE Spiritual Gifts Inventory, a fabulous tool to help girls discern where God is calling them to be world-changers.
Is there a corresponding program for boys?
Walking with Purpose is dedicated to providing materials to enable women and girls to know Christ personally through Scripture. We do not offer programs for men or boys.
What materials can I share with my pastor/principal?

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