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Want to reach the hearts of middle school girls but aren't sure where to begin? We are here to help! Click here for BLAZE leadership tips and tools.


Bring BLAZE to your local middle school! It's the perfect amount of material for a weekly meeting at lunchtime or as an after-school program. An antidote to bullying, anxiety and body image issues, BLAZE replaces lies with truth and strengthens girls from the inside out.

Parish Youth Group

BLAZE materials offer great resources to supplement your youth ministry offerings. If you have the opportunity to give the girls in your youth group some focused attention, the topics and tools we provide will lead you into discussions that will shape their hearts positively and eternally.

Small Group

Gather a group of girls and offer them a safe place to explore their faith. This is an ideal way to facilitate authentic friendships that can make an enormous difference in navigating the challenges of the teen years. BLAZE will give you words to tackle questions about self-worth, God, boys, and friendship. Get ready to watch the girls blossom through these accepting, fun, and relevant discussions.


Our BLAZE resources offer practical tools for one-on-one mentoring. Never underestimate the impact of investing in the life of one girl. Just as there is no substitute for a coach in the life of an athlete, there's no substitute for a mentor in the life of a young Christian. We'll give you all you need to structure your time together in a fun and meaningful way.