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Finding the Sweetness in Suffering

Based on her book Sweet Cross: A Marian Guide To Suffering, Laura reveals not only why suffering is a necessary part of our Christian life, but how we can learn to carry our cross without fear or complaint—and even to find that it is sweet. The secret is Mary.

The Everyday Battle

Based on her book Victorious Secret: Everyday Battles And How To Win Them, Laura shows you how to put on your spiritual armor and face the fight every day.

Serving in the Midst of the Battle

Based on 2 Timothy 1:6, Laura shares her personal battle and encourages others to bear their share of hardship for the gospel.

Walking through Advent with our Lady

Perfect for your Advent event, Laura will take you on a journey to Bethlehem with Mary.

Radical Discipleship

How to set the world on fire.

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