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The Hunger Around Us

[…] captivated by Elizabeth and potato peel pie. Are you like Elizabeth? Do you sense the hunger around you? Do you recognize the needs of others?  As our world (and let’s be honest, our Church, too) grows more divided, angrier, and motivated by fear, are you able to see through the feelings and emotion and […]

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For Your Weekend: Lifting the Burden

[…] my Ukrainian friend Viktoria or by reading War and Peace, I’m not sure. But as I delve into history, listen to my friend’s stories, and watch the news, my heart feels leaden. Yet nothing compares to what it feels like to shoulder the burdens of my own family. The heaviness, powerlessness, and hopelessness flatten […]

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Joy Takes Courage

[…] turned three. If you don’t already know this, it’s because you don’t live in my town. She told the whole town. And whoever may have missed the news undoubtedly heard it from her older sister, Penny, who was also shouting it from the rooftops. My three-year-old basked in the joy of her birthday all […]

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The Night that Changed Everything

[…] my drive from Florida to Maine. With the dog in the backseat and the car full of Christmas presents, my world stopped for a moment with the news that Amy, our oldest, was in labor. We were about to welcome little Luke Anthony into the world, I was becoming “Nana,” and I couldn't get […]

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When #MeToo Isn't Enough

[…] close friends, dropping the mask and allowing our mess to be seen. But these things will only take us so far. The very best that the secular world offers will always fall short of the deep healing and wholeness that God offers us. One of the reasons that American women today are the most […]

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For Your Weekend: A Questioning Heart

[…] of the Last Supper. The apostles are reeling not only from having just had their feet washed by our Lord but also from receiving some pretty shocking news. Jesus had shared that He would only be with them for a little while longer (John 13:33), that someone among them would actually be the one […]

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Audience Of One

[…] wanting others to see me, to appreciate me, and to affirm and praise me. I began to realize that my primary motivation for doing good in the world was not to serve God and man, but to be SEEN serving God and praised for my good deeds and good heart.  Why is this dangerous? […]

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For Your Weekend: We Are The Tenants

[…] (and a few mansion-owning) friends, leasing meant that I could never paint a room a different color, replace an outdated chandelier without permission, or apparently, become the world’s next top reality TV star. While I watched friends remodel kitchens and pick out upholstery, I was vacuuming my 1970s carpets and wiping down Formica counters, […]

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Silence Is Not Always Golden

At any point during the day, there is an alert mechanism that goes off in my brain when my house becomes too quiet for too long. It’s like a “mom radar” notifying me of an imminent disaster, and unfortunately, it’s usually correct. In our house, prolonged silence is usually the prelude to an inevitable […]

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Becoming Holy in the Daily Grind

[…] present monotony, I will sanctify you if you let me." Friend, we are now a month into this global shutdown. The adrenaline rush is gone, the bad news is constant, and the end is not here yet. We are now officially in the middle, faced with the reality of living with this new normal […]

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