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Kick-Start Real Change

[…] never translate to action? How many times have you made a resolution (and really meant it) only to fail within a few short weeks? We've all been there. It isn't that we aren't aware of the ways we need to improve…but actually making the changes can be overwhelming. In her book, Girl Wash Your […]

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For Your Weekend: Keep Showing Up

Dig Deeper into Sunday’s Gospel: Read Mat thew 4:12–23 I was just starting to take my faith seriously in my late 20s. I joined the mom’s group at my parish so I could be encouraged (and influenced) by women who seemed to have the Catholic thing down. A few of us planned to attend […]

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You're Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places and Here's Why (Part 1)

Dear friend, We live in a world where information, expectations and needs come at us like a tennis ball machine set on turbo speed. Women tend to be expert multi-taskers, and we can keep a lot of balls going at the same time. But it's costing us. Never have we been more addicted, exhausted, […]

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Calling Out Destiny: Recognizing our Children's Gifts and Talents

[…] around dinner tables, in car trips to soccer practices, and beside little one's beds. A generation of children is being raised to make their mark on the world-to make a difference in their place in history. 'We are in a unique position to call out the destiny of our children. God has a plan […]

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Finding Purpose in Pain

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as […]

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For Your Weekend: When God Gets Personal

[…] riddled with doubt, fear, and selfish desires.  This moment transformed Thomas the doubter into Thomas the missionary. Thomas spent the rest of his life bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the men and women of India, where he was martyred in 72 A.D. What do you need from our Lord? Where are […]

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Out of Kilter? Try to Gain Perspective

[…] and started to read. And I was able to gain perspective. There was an article about horrific things going on in in war torn parts of the world. I read about soldiers rushing into African villages, demanding that each family give up one child to be trained as a child soldier. Can you imagine? […]

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For Your Weekend: Lessons from an Unlikely Source

[…] more challenging is understanding how we are to make sense of Jesus, who comes across as callous, even cruel.  The Gospel of Matthew emphasizes that the Good News of Jesus was destined not only for the Israelites, God’s chosen people, but for Gentiles as well. Throughout this gospel, the demands of discipleship are emphasized. […]

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Peace in the Midst of Uncertainty

[…] in God should keep us from panic, despite our circumstances. Faith, not fear, should be in the driver’s seat. What should be our witness to a watching world when panic encroaches? Should we respond differently because of our faith? It’s interesting that one of the things that caused early Christianity to spread like wildfire […]

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Day-to-Day Battles, Sister Warriors, and The Real Questions Women Are Asking

[…] on your nightstand, and that you read it with your Fearless and Free study guide. The stakes are high, and the enemy is strong, but the good news is: so are we. We are deeply loved by the Lord, and He gives us everything we need to face our everyday battles - if we're […]

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