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From Joy If to Joy Even If

[…] high-risk pregnancy, infertility, employment issues, anxiety, family issues, and worries about the future, you are dealing with it all. Ladies, you are amazing. You carry a broken world on your back, and so often, you do it with unbelievable strength. When I pray for you, I pray that you can hold onto your joy […]

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The Elf on the Shelf is Stressing My Spirit. You Too?

[…] fact that He doesn't just see me in the parking lot. His view is higher, and includes a young African girl on the other side of the world. We're both walking, but she's up when it's still dark, afraid as she makes her daily trek to a well to get fresh water. And it […]

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Remember You Must Die

[…] us. We were meant to live forever, if only that apple didn’t look so darn tasty. But that’s just the way the story goes. Sin entered the world, and so death came in. HOWEVER. That’s not how the story ends. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is […]

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Overcoming the Negative Version of Catholic Guilt

[…] heaven didn't exist, would you still obey God?” Don't worry, I'm squirming in my seat too. My first thought was, “Yes, of course I would still follow the rules. I'm a good Christian after all!” But then, I force myself to be honest. At first glance, not following the rules sounds way more fun […]

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Overcoming Uncertainty with The Virtues of Mary

[…] else's life, but not our own? It is easy for me to recognize God's hand in your life... in your misery... in your tragic circumstance, but when the storm hits my own house, I question and doubt. I begin to wonder if my Catholic faith really is crazy and the saints are all just […]

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It Became All About Him

[…] along with my daughter turning 13. I was a teenage girl once, so I sort of knew what to expect. I was familiar with teenage mood swings, the temper tantrums, the eye rolls, and sarcastic tones; however, I was completely unprepared for her direct arrows of anger that, quite frankly, left me emotionally LEVELED.  […]

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For Your Weekend: Take Off Your Mask

Dig Deeper into Sunday’s Gospel: Read Mat thew 23:1–12 Some people use hypocrisy for the reason that they no longer go to church because they believe the church to be filled with hypocrites. I’ve heard it many times, both from people who have permanently left the church and those who have thought of leaving.  […]

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When Our Sins are Still Our Sins

[…] the Holy Spirit; to be re-habituated through practices that index him toward love, peace, kindness, acceptance; and to rediscover what it’s like to live in a messy world yet be at peace.  While hiding sounds safe and trying harder seems like the natural solution, neither is helpful or effective. There is an easier, more […]

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Why to Lean into Relationships When You Want to Pull Back

[…] less likely I'll be to get out in the spiritual battlefield and focus on what really matters. What is at stake? A lot. There is a hurting world out there that is just desperate for the women of our generation to band together and do something about it. We often feel defeated as we […]

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The Fatherness Of God

[…] our behaviors begin to align with His will for us. If we are busy delighting in Him as daughters, we are distracted from the trappings of the world and protected from those who would seek to turn us away from Him. Scripture is abound with passages that speak of what we receive when we […]

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