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What if He Is Already Pleased With You?

[…] I love that they hung on someone’s wall going back to the early 1900s. I love how they remind me that the Catholic Church spans across the world and throughout history. And I like to look into Jesus and Mary’s eyes as I go about my day—except when I am working out. With four […]

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Try Less of You, More Beholding of God's Glory (Part 1)

[…] really am. My reputation is who others think I am. God's got His eye on my character, and it's my character that should reflect Him to a world that is watching. People want to see a faith that makes a difference. People are asking, “does it work?” and then are looking at us to […]

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Costly Compromise and Dancing with the Gray Zone

[…] often I convince myself that if I only compromise once in a while it's not such a big deal. Surely there are more extreme evils in the world than this. I figure God must understand. And I am right.   God does understand. But understanding is not the same as approving. And He more […]

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From Joy If to Joy Even If

[…] high-risk pregnancy, infertility, employment issues, anxiety, family issues, and worries about the future, you are dealing with it all. Ladies, you are amazing. You carry a broken world on your back, and so often, you do it with unbelievable strength. When I pray for you, I pray that you can hold onto your joy […]

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4 Steps for Your Best Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be the best of times or the worst of times. As was said on the iconic '90s sitcom, Friends, “It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little emotional scarring.” Hopefully that won’t be your experience, but when you throw family together with issues simmering under the surface, add a little pressure around what […]

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You’re Looking for Peace in All the Wrong Places and Here’s Why

This post originally appeared on the blog in July 2017. We live in a world where information, expectations, and needs come at us like a tennis ball machine set on turbo speed. Women tend to be expert multi-taskers, and we can keep a lot of balls going at the same time. But it’s costing us. […]

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Overcoming the Negative Version of Catholic Guilt

[…] heaven didn't exist, would you still obey God?” Don't worry, I'm squirming in my seat too. My first thought was, “Yes, of course I would still follow the rules. I'm a good Christian after all!” But then, I force myself to be honest. At first glance, not following the rules sounds way more fun […]

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Remember You Must Die

[…] us. We were meant to live forever, if only that apple didn’t look so darn tasty. But that’s just the way the story goes. Sin entered the world, and so death came in. HOWEVER. That’s not how the story ends. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is […]

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When Our Sins are Still Our Sins

[…] the Holy Spirit; to be re-habituated through practices that index him toward love, peace, kindness, acceptance; and to rediscover what it’s like to live in a messy world yet be at peace.  While hiding sounds safe and trying harder seems like the natural solution, neither is helpful or effective. There is an easier, more […]

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Overcoming Uncertainty with The Virtues of Mary

[…] else's life, but not our own? It is easy for me to recognize God's hand in your life... in your misery... in your tragic circumstance, but when the storm hits my own house, I question and doubt. I begin to wonder if my Catholic faith really is crazy and the saints are all just […]

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