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Manager of Donor Relationships

Position: Manager, Donor Relationships

Location: Washington DC-Boston corridor

Office: Your home, remote work 

Full Time: Yes

Reports to: CEO


Role Overview

  • Walking with Purpose is a ministry of Jesus that He is using to bring thousands of women into deeper relationship with Him. According to our women's Catholic Bible study participants, our ministry is having a very positive, eternal impact. 
  • We have grown rapidly and see no end in sight as there are millions of women who we believe are searching for Jesus and He is longing to be connected to them. He has blessed us with a great team of people who like each other, work well together, and support one another. We enjoy a business model that is self-sustaining. 
  • Our expectations and plans are to continue our rapid growth. We use donations to the ministry to fund that growth. Donations to WWP are an investment in the future of WWP and its work to reach women and girls across the US with whom we have not yet engaged. 
  • We have a donor database of tens of thousands of people and effective systems to keep track of them and communicate with them. Most of our donors are our Bible study participants who are very enthusiastic about our work. We invite them to invest in this work of The Lord. Some have invested a lot in our work and are repeat donors; others are considering their investment. These folks need effective communication delivered at the right time to keep them informed and help them make decisions to invest in our work.  
  • The most important function of this role is to message well to the right people at the right time, and do so with excellent coordination with our marketing department, which owns a different set of messaging to the same base of people. This role needs an individual with excellent communication strategies and execution through multiple media.  

Our Manager of Donor Relationships is a professional responsible for planning, overseeing, and executing the work associated with donations to our work. These include: 

  1. Understanding and using donor management and communications systems
  2. Communicating the WWP story in a way that is accurate, compelling, relevant, and motivates people to take action to support our work 
  3. Understanding the different strata of donors to WWP
  4. Supporting the CEO, the Chief Purpose Officer, and the Board of Directors with accurate information about our top 40+ donors 
  5. Working with institutions and foundations to inform and solicit investments
  6. Managing a small team of people

Our Manager of Donor Relationships reports directly to the CEO and is a key member of the ministry's senior leadership team. The role requires a seasoned leader with proven expertise in communications through multiple media.  The manager is creative and inspired by our bold mission, ready to step into the role with confidence and a history of success. The ideal candidate has been a participant in a WWP study and desires to lead a key role in our mission. 

This position requires travel to team meetings in Greenwich, CT. The ideal candidate lives in New York, Philadelphia, or Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Required Experience and Education

  • 4 or more years' experience in communications - preferably for donation or investment purposes
  • Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Management experience leading a team of communication professionals
  • Quantifiable history of meeting business goals 
  • Excellent storyteller and writer
  • WWP personal experience 
  • Proficient in Salesforce, MS Office and Google Business Apps

Core Responsibilities

Oversee all the moving parts of a growing development department including:

  1. Own all donor data and maintain all donor records in Salesforce
  2. Create and execute the ongoing donor communications program and invitations to include in the ministry calendar
  3. Initiate and manage select number of  grants each year, per agreement with WWP CEO
  4. Manage associates
  5. Support key executives (CEO, CPO) and the Board of Directors with strategy and compelling stories
  6. Create and publish annual report 
  7. Create story and cascading communications plan about need for WWP philanthropy to internal WWP coordinators and local leaders
  8. Introduce planned giving to potential benefactors
  9. Develop specific asks for ministry needs that are linked to participants such as:
    • Updating Leadership Development Program and tools
    • Promoting WWP in parts of the US at national and regional events
    • Launching WWP in new dioceses or parishes
    • Bringing WWP into Catholic middle schools (funding focus groups, market research and scholarships)

Please submit your cover letter and resume to  No phone calls please.