Steadfast: Opening Your Heart, Part III

You are joy spreaders, love generators, peacemakers. You are steadfast. Steadfast is part three of our three-part young adult series.  This six-lesson bible study invites young women to unpack why we are hustling for our worth and how to conquer our fears. Within Steadfast you will receive the following:

  • Six lessons on Scripture readings
  • Reflections and intentional prayer time
  • Saint stories
  • Space to set personal resolutions and goals
  • Illustrated Bible verses for personal memorization
  • Space for weekly prayer intentions

Steadfast can be used to personally build your knowledge about Scripture meditation and prayer, or you can gather your tribe and begin the journey to deeper friendships and fruitful truths. One of the things Scripture can do is cut through our ability to self-deceive. Our hearts are pierced and convicted, and we start to see things as they really are, instead of just how we want them to be. A bible study is not the same as a book study. The soul transformation that we are after comes when we do the work of letting God speak directly into our hearts through His Word. Order them now! 

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