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BLAZE is a Walking with Purpose ministry that was created to counteract the way society drives girls to question their true worth and beauty. Through BLAZE, we emphasize how a girl's identity is rooted in Christ as God's chosen, beloved daughter. An antidote to bullying, anxiety and body-image issues, BLAZE replaces lies with truth and strengthens girls from the inside out through Scripture-based learning.

Find leadership tips and tools here to help you lead girls closer to Christ.

Bring BLAZE to a school, parish, small group or use one-on-one. Learn more

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BLAZE foundation:
truths vs lies

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If not now, when?
If not you, who?

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What is the BLAZE kit?

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How to Bring BLAZE to a School?

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BLAZE impact

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BLAZE Middle School Ministry FAQs

What is BLAZE?

BLAZE is the WWP ministry that offers resources to help reach the hearts of girls with the love of Christ and the truths of our Catholic faith.

What is BLAZE Core?

The BLAZE Core program includes the BLAZE Leader's Guide and BLAZE Kits. BLAZE Core equips an adult leader with everything needed to run a 20-Lesson Bible study program for any number of 7th and/or 8th grade girls in a variety of settings (school, parish, at-home, etc.).

What is in the BLAZE Kit?

The BLAZE Kit includes everything needed for one girl to participate in the BLAZE Core program: a pack of Truth vs. Lie cards, materials for 20 icebreaker activities, 20 take-home gifts, two beautiful 8x10 Scripture verse cards and the BLAZE Prayer Journal.

Has BLAZE received an Imprimatur?

The BLAZE Leader's Guide was granted the Imprimatur through Archbishop William Lori of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland.

How many girls can participate in the BLAZE Core program?

The BLAZE Kit and Leaders Guide can be used with any number of girls. It can be used with a single girl or 50 (or more)! Of course, as your BLAZE program grows, you may want to consider adding adult leaders.

How many BLAZE Kits do I need?

While only one BLAZE Leader's Guide is needed, each girl who participates will need her own BLAZE Kit.  So, if you are working with a single girl, you would need 1 Leaders Guide + 1 BLAZE Kit. If you are working with a group of 5 girls, you would need 1 Leader's Guide and 5 BLAZE Kits.

What exactly does BLAZE Core teach girls?

Who should lead a BLAZE Core program?

BLAZE Core can be led by any adult who wishes to mentor a 7th or 8th grade girl. It could be a teacher, a student counselor, a parent, relative, young adult, etc.

If using BLAZE Core in a school setting, how many leaders should be in each classroom?

We recommend a maximum ratio of 1 leader for 25 girls. If you have a group that is larger than that, we recommend enlisting another adult to help.

How can/should a parent help?

There are many ways a parent can help with a BLAZE Core group program. He or she can liaison with school or church staff to introduce the program, lead the group each week, or help with set-up and clean-up.

Do I need to sign-up as a Small Group Leader to be a leader for BLAZE?

Yes, please register as a WWP Small Group Leader here so we can keep you informed of BLAZE program updates, new product releases, training opportunities, etc.

Should 7th and 8th grade girls be in the same BLAZE Core group?

BLAZE Core has been developed in such a way that it applies equally to both grades. There is no need to separate the grades, although you are welcome to do so if that is your preference.

Is it important for the BLAZE meeting NOT to feel like school/religious education?

Absolutely…the environment matters. You want the girls to feel comfortable and free to express themselves, and to look forward to coming each week! Consider dimming the lights, providing blankets, using battery-operated candles, etc. The setting should be warm and inviting.

What other BLAZE products are there?

Our other BLAZE offerings may be used in addition to or separately from the BLAZE Core program. These other materials fall under the “Blaze More” umbrella and include:

Between You and Me  is a 40-day conversation guide for mothers (or grandmothers, aunts, godmothers, etc.) and daughters (granddaughters, nieces, goddaughters) to read together. Each day compares a lie of our secular culture with the truth found in Scripture. The daily reflection, journaling opportunities, discussion questions, and prayer prompts will help take your relationship to a new level of honesty and intimacy.

Discovering My Purpose is a six-session Bible study designed for girls and can be used individually or in a group setting. This Bible study opens girls' eyes to their unique purpose, gifts, and God's love. It includes the BLAZE Spiritual Gifts Inventory, a fabulous tool to help girls discern where God is calling them to be world-changers.

The BLAZE Prayer Journal contains a Bible verse and the acronym, “ACTS: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication” on every page, and helps teach girls how to share their thoughts and feelings with God by writing out their daily prayers. While the Prayer Journal is included in the BLAZE Kit, it may also be purchased and used separately.

How can I bring BLAZE to my middle school or parish?

If you are interested in bringing BLAZE to your middle school or parish, we encourage you to have a conversation with your principal and/or pastor. We can provide you with some tools to facilitate the conversation. Please click here to request further assistance.

What materials can I share with my pastor/principal?

Here is a sample introductory letter and a BLAZE overview presentation for you to download and use.  A description of all the BLAZE offerings, our BLAZE program objectives, and testimonials will provide detailed information to support your conversation with your pastor or principal. 

Is there a corresponding program for boys?

Our mission at Walking with Purpose is help every American Catholic woman and girl to open her heart to Jesus Christ, and we believe that right now, God is calling us to keep our focus on that mission.

There are a variety of co-ed youth Bible studies which could be adapted for use with boys, and below are two that have been recommended to us:

Do you ship BLAZE products to Canada?

At this time, BLAZE kits can only be shipped via UPS Ground to U.S. shipping addresses. Customers who reside in Canada can order BLAZE Kits and all other WWP Bible study materials directly through Loaves & Fishes Book & Church Supply Ltd at 1-800 663-4840 or 250-868-8933.

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