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Shopping FAQs Due to COVID-19, online shopping volumes will be at an all-time high this holiday season. Shop early as delivery delays are expected. How do I order? Orders are placed through our secure Walking with Purpose online store.  We accept multiple forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards on our […]

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4.2 Best Coordinator Practices for a Remote WWP Small Group at Your Parish

Best C oord in ato r P ra ctic e s f o r R em ote S m all G ro u ps     ● Pasto ra l c o ord in a to r s h ou ld c o n tin ue t o s e le ct s m all […]

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Overcoming Weaknesses When the Best You've Got Isn't Enough

[…] My two-year-old, Charlotte, ate cookies for lunch. We have officially limped over the finish line of one of the longest summers in history, and that was the best I could do today. Summer break began on May 23rd, and the start of the new school year has been long in coming, as in post […]

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The Little Flower Circle is a group of generous, committed individuals whose ongoing monthly support of our ministry has enabled Walking with Purpose to expand to new locations and generations and reach more of our sisters in Christ each year.

Therese Society
Named in honor of our ministry's patron, the St. Therese Society recognizes the leadership level contributions of supporters who make gifts totaling $1,000 or more in the fiscal year (May 1-April 30). Click here to learn more.


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Is my donation tax deductible?
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1.5 Best Practices for Virtual Small Groups


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4.2 Best Coordinator Practices for Home Groups at Your Parish

4.2 Best Coordinator Practices for Home Groups at Your Parish

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A Place to Call Home: Franciscan University of Steubenville

I’ve had many spells of homesickness over the years. Typically, I’d try to soothe myself by looking at houses online in the town where I grew up. I imagined what it would be like to move back to Duluth, Minnesota. Could I relive all the comforting memories? Would my desire to belong finally be satisfied […]

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Focus on Christmas Presence this Advent Season

[…] period. A sacred preparation. A stripping away, a pulling apart, and a re-focusing. An awakening to the undeniable truth that the only thing we need, the very best gift we can ever hope for, is that swaddled baby boy, that newborn King. His presence is the only present.  And until that sorrowful Christmas, I never knew […]

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Borrow This Saint Squad When you Need Backup for Your Teenage Driver

[…] just some of the ones I call on.  And of course, they are all lead by their Guardian Angels and our beautiful blessed Mother Mary. And the best part? They always show up. And my teenagers? They may not know it, but the Saints are there..and they are guiding them, and they are whispering […]

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Why Be Intentional About How to Go Forward When There's No Going Back

[…] They are given to me by God. I have zero control over either. That I learned and that I believe, and good grief, I appreciate them, as best as I can, knowing this mostly beautiful, but sometimes crappy, truth. Time has a mind of its own, and all we can do is be intentional […]

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